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If we don’t have the book you’re looking for, we will order it and give you a 10% discount.
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This month's discounted new releases!

Trickster Drift
Eden Robinson
Hardcover | Oct 2018
12 in store $22.40
The Meltdown (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Book 13)
Jeff Kinney
Hardcover | Oct 2018
on order $16.95
(releases Oct 30 2018)
Michelle Obama
Hardcover | Nov 2018
on order $40.00
(releases Nov 13 2018)
Dog Man #6
Dav Pilkey
Hardcover | Dec 2018
on order $12.99
(releases Dec 24 2018)
Fire & Blood
George R R Martin
Hardcover | Nov 2018
on order $47.00
(releases Nov 20 2018)
Fantastic Beasts
J K Rowling
Hardcover | Nov 2018
on order $29.99
(releases Nov 16 2018)

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Some spooky texts for you and your little one to enjoy
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We all know September can drag on...Weather gets colder, school starts, you have to get winter tires...It can all seem like a lot. But come October, we know that means you can get carried away with Fall Baking, knitting, horror movies and H A L L O W E E N!
We made this book list for the exact purpose of getting carried away with the fall spirit!

Book to Movie Adaptations Coming Soon
Some exciting adaptations that will be coming out this fall.
Make sure to check out the book
before you see the movie.
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British Columbia Based Cooking
A collection of books inspired by the local area, or written by local chefs.
Summer cooking, happened so fast, summer cooking had me a blast.
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