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This month's discounted new releases!

Tom Clancy Line of Sight
Mike Maden
Hardcover | Jun 2018
10 in store $27.30
The Cast
Danielle Steel
Hardcover | May 2018
20 in store $27.29
The Gray Ghost
Clive Cussler
Hardcover | May 2018
8 in store $27.30
Dog Man #5
Dav Pilkey
Hardcover | Aug 2018
on order $12.99
(releases Aug 28 2018)
A Column of Fire
Ken Follett
Paperback | Jul 2018
on order $25.99
(releases Jul 31 2018)
Andy Weir
Paperback | Jul 2018
on order $22.00
(releases Jul 3 2018)
The Accidental Further Adventures of the Hundred-Year-Old Man
Jonas Jonasson
Paperback | Aug 2018
on order $22.99
(releases Aug 7 2018)
Dork Diaries 13
Rachel Renee Russell
Hardcover | Aug 2018
on order $18.99
(releases Aug 21 2018)

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