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Evan's Picks
Local literary connoisseur picked a bunch of books.
Jen's Picks

Jen was gifted to us from Vancouver, so she reads really hip books and makes Bookland cooler.
Bethany's Picks
Bethany tries to read a bit of everything because diversity is the spice of life, which maybe she learned from some of the cookbooks she also enjoys. ;)
Savannah's Picks
Savannah has been reading a fun mix of whatever looks good to her in that moment - biographies, teen books, literaray fiction...nothing is off the table (bookshelf).
Steph's Picks
Tbh, her favourite book is Facebook, but when she does read, she is a great appreciator of poetry, fantasy, and graphic novels.
Josie's Picks
Josie tries to keep an open mind to all books, and doesn't limit her taste to any specific genra. But is very in love with all Fanstasy books
Alex's Picks
As the youngest staff member, Alex is very partial to youth and YA novels, but will read anything with a good sense of humor and interesting characters ^_<
Elise's Picks
Elise is an appreciator of classic literature, poetry, and the odd teen novel.
Also, a little romance never hurt anyone. <3