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Bethany's Picks
Bethany tries to read a bit of everything because diversity is the spice of life, which maybe she learned from some of the cookbooks she also enjoys. ;)
Savannah's Picks
Savannah has been reading a fun mix of whatever looks good to her in that moment - biographies, teen books, literaray fiction...nothing is off the table (bookshelf).
Alex's Picks
As the youngest staff member, Alex is very partial to YA novels, but will read pretty much anything with a good sense of humor and some interesting characters ^_<
Jen's Picks

Jen swings between books that make her laugh and books that make her cry. She prefers fiction, usually Canadian, or non-fiction in essay collections.
Josie's Picks
Josie typically dabbles in Fantasy, Graphic,and Youth; but can be found reading the occasional Non-Fiction and Poetry. She can also recommend a dangerous amount of Kids Series when asked.
Elise's Picks
Elise is an appreciator of classic literature, poetry, and the odd teen novel.
Also, a little romance never hurt anyone. <3